• Grey Dog Rum

    Brewed, distilled, blended and bottled on the banks of Loch Morar

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Craft Rum, Made From Scratch

Handcrafted using the finest sugarcane molasses, Grey Dog Rum is distilled in small batches at our family-run distillery on the banks of Loch Morar. Not only are we proud to produce ridiculously good rum, we’re also excited to share and celebrate one of the area’s most chilling folklore tales – the Grey Dog of Meoble.   

Sip - Savour - Shake - Stir

However you like your rum, Grey Dog has got you covered.

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Brewed, Distilled & Barrel Aged on the Banks of Loch Morar

We believe that premium rum should start with premium ingredients; that’s why we use only top quality molasses and British Sugar Demerara (made in UK from imported cane) to create our rum wash.  In order to get the best flavour from the rum wash we use a traditional copper pot still over an open flame to distill our spirit.  

For those of you  who are new to distilling, copper is the material of choice because it absorbs sulphur. Distilling over an open flame adds to the character of the distillate because it scorches the yeast that has made it through to the still.  To improve the purity of our rum we use a 3m incline lyne arm which causes repeated re-distillation.  

Laboratory analysis confirms that our process has paid off with extremely low levels of nasties making it through to the manual bottling process.