Hello!  We’re Rachel & Paula we live in the Arisaig / Morar area and from the very beginning of this journey it was important to us that we not only produce excellent rum, but that we also celebrate one of the area’s most chilling folklore tales.  After all, rum and folklore have a habit of going hand in hand, and in our humble opinion, the Grey Dog of Meoble is one of Scotland’s finest folklore tales.

Our distillery is situated just along the loch from the historic home of the Grey Dog, the ancient settlement of Meoble.  It was our location, coupled with the legend of this captivating canine character, that inspired the formation of Grey Dog Rum.

The Grey Dog journey began back in December 2017 when we were having a pre-Christmas drink with our Auntie Car.  Upon passing her a G&T she said something that unbeknownst to her started a five year long rum-making mission!  Auntie Car simply said the words “apparently rum is the new gin”. Almost immediately the wheels began turning in our heads.

The first two years of “market research” was arduous work.  Between tasting seemingly ALL the rum in the world (it was a hard job, but somebody had to do it), we needed to make the decision which lane we were going to plant ourselves in.  We had two options: 1) buy pre-distilled rum and blend it on-site or 2) make rum from scratch.  Lots of rum & gin distilleries in the UK buy pre-distilled alcohol and then blend it on-site to make their signature taste, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all; however, we have a habit of making like difficult for ourselves so we decided to complete the entire process from start to finish.  Producing Grey Dog Rum from scratch allows us to not only have confidence in the product, but to also have 100% traceability in our supplier chain.

We hope you love Grey Dog Rum.