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Grey Dog Rum: The Launch

After four years in the planning, we are FINALLY at the stage where we can actually sell Grey Dog Rum! When we started this journey at the end of 2017, we somewhat naively thought we’d be selling rum by the end of 2018; however, good things come to those who wait, and we are 100% confident that Grey Dog Rum is as good as it gets! We might be confident about the rum, but that […]

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4 Great Summertime Cocktails

When the temperature hits 15 degrees here in the West Highlands, summer is pretty much on!¬†Tarpaulins get pulled off the BBQ with vigour, the algae coated paddling pool gets a well deserved scrub down, and all you seem to want to do is sit in the back garden sipping cocktails (or maybe that’s just us!). This is exactly what happened this week.¬† It was a balmy 16 degrees here in Morar.¬† So, if you haven’t […]

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The Grey Dog’s Perspective…

Tom O’Keenan is a local novelist and poet who has comprehensively studied the legend and history of the Grey Dog of Meoble. So, if the story of the Grey Dog has captured your imagination in any way, we would urge you to head over to Tom’s website to find out more. In the meantime, we thought we would share this brilliant piece of prose, which tells the tale from the Grey Dog’s perspective: The Grey […]

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